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VoLTE IOT 2011 Event Results:

Hosted By:



  • China Mobile Research Institute in Beijing, China
  • Vodafone Test and Innovation Center in Dusseldorf, Germany

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The event builds on the major success of the previous Global MSF LTE Interoperability Event that took place during March 2010 and reflects the MSF’s and GSMA's drive to continue to deliver major carrier driven events that benefit all its members in their quest to keep pace with an ever faster moving industry. For more information on the first LTE IOT event, click here!

The MSF/GSMA VoLTE Interoperability test event will focus on validating core network interfaces to ensure multi-vendor deployment strategies for LTE technology and will validate the MSF physical scenarios developed to incorporate 3GPP LTE/EPC technology and GSMA technical recommendations, focussing on Voice over LTE, with the support of China Mobile and Vodafone.

High-Level Test Scenarios

  • Voice over LTE (compliant to GSMA PRD IR.92)
  • Roaming and Interconnect (compliant to GSMA PRD's IR.65 and IR.88)
  • GERAN/UTRAN Access to EPC
  • Handover/Relocation
  • Self Organizing Networks/Automatic Neighbour Relation
*To view test scenarios, Click Here!


MSF Members:




Non-MSF Members:





MSF Members:



Non-MSF Members:


Important Dates:

  • April 30, 2011- Close of second application period.

  • For more information on applying to participate in this event, please see the Application Instructions below and submit your NDA and Contract to Ashley Wright at awright@msforum.org.

Event Documents: